LA-based duo More Giraffes, aka producer Mark Hadley and silky-voiced singer and producer Keeley Bumford, only emerged with their debut EP, It Was A Joke, last year, but they've already hit their creative stride with a fully-realised polished and futuristic aesthetic, a string of singles and their latest EP, Bermuda. Now they're back with the flawless visuals for the EP's title track.

In front of a crisp, neon pink backdrop, Bumford sings sweetly about heading to Bermuda on her brand new scooter while the pair's so-called "pastel pop" production twinkles and shimmers behind her. The message of "Bermuda", articulated through heavy references to Rihanna's "Diamonds" and an irresistibly catchy hook, is a simple one: love yourself no matter what.

Speaking with Complex via email, the duo explained: "The other day, we learned to levitate, broke through the haze and flew on a glammed out scooter over the Atlantic to Bermuda. Or at least that's what this song is about. Shine bright like Rihanna, leave diamonds in your wake, most importantly love yourself!"