Berlin has been a hedonist's playground for a long time now, spilling over with nightclubs, art galleries and a never-ending list of must-sees. Visiting the city can be overwhelming and, according to R&B crooner Kean Farrar, living there is even more fun, even if you can find yourself paralysed by indecision. His new single "Windowshopping" taps into that kid-in-a-sweet-shop feeling perfectly as he wanders the streets looking for something to do and someone to enjoy it with, all told over an incredibly catchy instrumental that could well yield some pretty major chart success.

Speaking with Complex via email, Kean told us: "Berlin's really got something. It always has been a showcase in one way or another. There's so much going on, so many choices. The trouble is, if you keep your nose pressed against the window for too long, you can lose perspective and get lost in the distractions. Everybody's always on the lookout for what to do... when's the next party? What kind of job do I want? Which relationship?"

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