PnB Rock and his team reportedly got into a serious fight. 

According to TMZ, the incident took place at the King of Prussia Mall which is located in a suburb of Philadelphia. Eyewitnesses say that PnB and his associates were the aggressors, and allegedly went to the mall with the sole purpose of fighting the opposing group. When they found their intended targets shopping inside Neiman Marcus, PnB and around five other people reportedly attacked the three men. They then allegedly exited the mall once the fight was over. 

The entire altercation was caught on camera and the footage was obtained by TMZ. Per the outlet's sources, the men ran into the mall's main shopping area after the fight in an effort to alert security. The King of Prussia security division has not commented on the situation. However, the Upper Merion Township Police tell TMZ that they have not been notified of a fight in Neiman Marcus and no official complaint has been filed. 

The fight appears to have taken place the same day PnB Rock was hanging around his old neighborhood. On Saturday, the artist celebrated returning to his hometown by going to the projects and recording himself hanging out with friends. These associates appear to have been in the mall with Rock during the attack, as they are wearing the same clothes from PnB's videos. 

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