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Fetty Wap's legal drama isn't over.

According to TMZ, the 28-year-old rapper has been charged for his scuffle with staff at a Las Vegas hotel. Fetty was arrested last month after he allegedly punched a guard at the Mirage Hotel. He was booked on three counts of misdemeanor battery. TMZ reports the New Jersey native was ultimately hit with just one of those charges, though it's unclear why the other two were tossed. 

The outlet has also released surveillance footage of the altercation, which took place in the hotel parking lot. Fetty and his crew are seen arguing with hotel staff before things quickly become physical. There's no word on what the issue was, but cameras captured the rapper attempting to get past security guards before the parties began shoving. Security then pull Fetty to the ground in an effort to restrain him. He manages to get back on his feet and strikes one of the guards in the head.

It's worth noting that there were initial conflicting reports on what went down, as some outlets said Fetty had assaulted three security guards, while other reported he had hit one security guard three times. Footage shows he had only assaulted one man, which could explained the reduced charges.

You can check out the footage above.