Lil Wayne's co-headlined tour with Blink-182 was plagued by missed performances and shortened sets. As pointed out by Genius, the band recently made an appearance on The Kevin & Bean Show. During the conversation, Blink-182 says that the coverage surrounding Wayne blew his antics out of proportion.

Mike Hoppus claimed that Wayne was simply frustrated because he was being forced to perform in an amphitheater during a thunderstorm. 

"They were considering canceling the show because of lightning, so people weren’t even showing up until way after doors," he said seven minutes into the interview. "So when Wayne walked on stage, it was probably a quarter full... It wasn't ever an issue." Travis Barker added that the venue held about "4,000 people" in the parking lot during Wayne's set. 

The drummer further quieted assumptions that Wayne was a "nightmare" on tour by explaining that there were only three times when Weezy missed a performance. In these instances, Wayne informed them that he wouldn't make the gig in enough time for the band to properly prepare for his absence. "It was always excusable," Barker said at the interview's 5:25-minute mark. "Sometimes he would hit me like, ‘Hey, I’m about to let everyone else know I can’t make it to the show. This, this, and that’s going on. But usually to protect himself and his freedom."  

In July, Wayne almost quit the tour over small crowd sizes. These stories stemmed from Wayne ending his set after just 20 minutes because the crowd was smaller than he's used to entertaining. 

Despite this mishap and a few others, Blink-182 insists that Wayne's performances were "insane" and that he "killed" every time he took the stage. They also state that he was a complete professional during the entire tour.