Azealia Banks is known for causing controversy more than she is for her music, and she's ready to let her fans know she won't stay quiet. After a user commented on her Instagram telling her to "shut up" despite thinking she's "so fucking talented," Banks let the fan know how she felt in a reply and even shared a screenshot as a separate Instagram post.

"A message. This isn't getting deleted," she wrote in the description of the screenshot. "I need the world to shut up. Even just for a year. Give me a year of not having to hear you nag and things will change drastically."

Her comment, however, was a lot more direct. "I wish you would all shut up too," she wrote. "It's really hard to focus and concentrate when the internet allows non ARTISTS and people with zero talent to have an opinion about anything. If this were the '90s things would be much better but the internet honestly gives the audience too much credit and allows for this sense of entitlement that makes me bitter and not want to do shit."

Clearly exhausted with how people have started to perceive her online, Banks clarified that she will never cave to the demands of her fans. "Music doesn't come from me because you demand it," she added. "Once you understand how you as an audience member need to stay in your place, stay in your seat, be quiet, and not disturb the show on stage THEN.... Azealia Banks will be the goody two shoes world whide phenom you want her to be. So long as you are all talking shit and making this miserable... It won't happen."

Check out her full post on Instagram above. Just last month, Banks received criticism after she went after Lizzo, who she said was "making a fool of herself for a white American public."

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