For some reason, a Marvin Gaye III video that was first released way back in 2013 is suddenly garnering a great deal of tweeted discussion.

The video in question is for Marvin Gaye III's "Can't Take My Eyes Off You," a collab featuring D'Extra Wiley that was released as his "first dance single" six years ago via MG3 Entertainment. The song appears to be the lone Marvin Gaye III track available via streaming services.

But it's mostly the video, co-directed by Jonathan Heap and Curtis Elerson, that seems to have drawn special attention over the weekend following the spread of the above-embedded tweet assesssing the clip as "just a little something to carry you guys through the week."

Notably, Questlove joined the discussion early Monday by remarking—in a presumed reference to an infamous lawsuit—"Blurred Lines wept."

Of course, there are more tweets on the video's resurfacing, and a sampling of them can be found below:

As for that suit, it was reported in March of last year that the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals had ruled to uphold a 2015 verdict that sided with the Marvin Gaye estate's copyright infringement claims about Robin Thicke and Pharrell's song "Blurred Lines." The case has remained a controversial presence in the music industry, with critics expressing fear that such a move could set a dangerous precedent.