Freddie Gibbs and the mother of his son are going through a nasty breakup. 

According to documents obtained by TMZ, the rapper claims that Raven Tatum has been harassing him and his new lover since August. Things got so tense that Tatum allegedly vandalized the rapper's Mercedes-Benz with a knife. 

Things began when Gibbs allowed his child's mother to stay in his home because her house was flooded. While he was out of town, Gibbs noticed on the baby camera that Tatum had moved boxes of her belongings into their son's room. This angered the rapper and he instructed the house sitter to tell Tatum to put her boxes in the garage. That's when things hit the fan. The rapper alleges that Tatum was so upset by having to put her things in the garage that she attacked his car. Per Gibbs, she etched "Fuck you" into the paint with a knife and slashed his tires. 

It didn't stop there. Gibbs claims that Tatum got ahold of his new girlfriend's contact information. She then harassed her with calls and text messages claiming that Gibbs was cheating on her. This was the final straw for the rapper. Freddie decided to take things to court where he requested that a restraining order be put on Tatum. The judge obliged and Tatum is now forced to stay 100 yards away from Freddie, his girlfriend, and his daughter from another relationship.

He's also sought custody of the son he shares with Tatum, but the judge denied that request. The two are scheduled to appear in court next month where the judge will further evaluate the situation/incident.