Unless you're some kind of aimless lame, the thought of new FKA Twigs arriving the same year as her feature film debut is one of excitement. And thanks to a new i-D interview, we also have word that none other than Future will be a part of the new album Magdalene.

The song, said to be titled "Holy Terrain," started off with a well-placed text message.

"I wasn't sure whether he would even know who I am," she told writer Frankie Dunn. "I was like, 'Hi, it's Twigs. Let me know if you wanna talk about music or anything.'"

From there, Future texted back "right away" and a collaborative rapport was developed.

"I sent him the album and I called him up and was like, 'Listen, Future… this is what my album's about. It's a really empowering, sensitive record, with a lot of feminine energy, and this song is probably the most fun track on it, but I still need lyrical content,'" she said of Future's "beautiful" contributions. "And he said, 'Okay, I've got it.'"

Per FKA Twigs, Future spends the verse detailing downfalls and "asking for healing." Speaking further on her appreciation for this side of the prolific artist's writing, she shouted out the power of emo at large. "I love sad Future," she said, quite relatably. "I love when he gets emo, when he expresses himself. It's just so beautiful when he opens up."

Peep the full feature right here, unless—as previously advised—you're simply not into things that are good, unique, and wholly inspirational in said goodness and uniqueness.

Earlier this year, FKA Twigs teased the track during a London performance:

The new album is expected to be released this fall via Young Turks and boasts a co-production credit from Nicolas Jaar.

Also coming this fall is that aforementioned feature film debut for Twigs, notably in the form of Shia LaBeouf's semi-autobiographical Honey Boy, which has already garnered a slew of rave reviews ahead of its Nov. 8 theatrical release.