Dark Lo and Benny on the same track will increase the crime rate. These two collabed before on Benny’s A Friend of Ours tape on the song "'03 Draft." Here, the Butcher returns the favor as Lo gears up to drop his project entitled American Made on Oct. 4.

Dark Lo has been bubbling for a minute. I first came across the Philly rapper when I stumbled upon his "Bandana" track produced by V Don. And like the first two songs I mentioned, “Ripped Apart” (produced by Chup the Producer) brings that same menacing energy that’s quickly becoming Dark Lo's signature sound. He rhymes with a passion seldom heard on tracks these days. 

Both Dark Lo and Benny enjoy working with each other and told us that more music from the both of them will be coming soon. “'Ripped Apart' was effortlessly recorded by me and The Butcher in Philly. Working with Benny was easy, as he has the same energy, focus, and balance that I do,” Dark Lo said, while Benny added: “When you put Griselda and OBH together you should you know what you are going to get. Those are my brothers!”

While street rap like this may never go platinum again, these guys are doing their best in keeping it alive and well for what matters: the streets. As we see rappers get on stands and point fingers, and younger ones admit to lying about the lifestyles they rap about, guys like Benny and Dark Lo pride themselves on being authentic. You can’t rap the way they do about the subject matter they touch on without witnessing it first hand.