Sometime around 2008, Roc Marciano and Ka started a movement. That was the year Ka released the underrated Iron Works, and two years later Roc gave rap the fix it needed with the critically-acclaimed Marcberg.

Since those two albums were released, I've noticed a reemergence of the East Coast sound—and when I say East Coast sound, I'm talking about music influenced by Mobb Deep, Wu-Tang, and CNN. Those three groups are the blueprint to most quality street music that has ever come out. Ka and Roc made it cool again, and their commitment to artistry hasn't gone unnoticed. They take their time with the music, the rhymes are poignant, the production's crisp, their videos are always executed well; those two have made it necessary to be great. In turn, Roc and Ka have influenced acts like Retch, Dash, and the artists on Griselda Records to make it all the way to the cusp of the mainstream.

Now, there's a new underground movement that's been bubbling for a couple years and hopefully, they'll be able to get some mainstream love. Check out the eight new underground East Coast rappers you should know and support.