Wendy Williams and 50 Cent rekindled their spirited back-and-forth earlier this month when it was rumored that she was denied entry into 50's Tycoon Pool Party. Although she's released several statements claiming otherwise, Williams didn't detail how the interaction transpired. But, during her interview with Hollywood Unlocked, Williams finally shared her side of the story. 

"So I pulled up and all we see are cops and ambulances and I'm like, 'OK.' And I was about 10 thick," Wendy said at the interview's 18:30 minute mark. "Elizabeth [New Jersey] cops go...they fall down, they throw up, they get up, they hold my hand. They were excited to see me. Like I knew 50 was going to be there, but I was only there to see Snoop. To say, 'Look my boy is now 19. Let's take a selfie.'"

"I was there to see Snoop and leave," she reaffirms. Williams then goes on to admit that she doesn't know why 50 Cent decided to twist the incident into something it wasn't. 

"Girl look, I don't know what's up with that girl. I'm done," Williams continued before claiming that she'll explain the true root of their beef when her show returns on Sept. 16. In addition to touching on her feud with 50, Wendy also defended her estranged husband, Kevin Hunter, from Jason Lee and his co-hosts. 

"Kevin and I were together. And only I, Jason, can talk bad about him," She said. "And I do often. In the mirror. Privately, in my bathroom, in my bedroom. Over there and close the door. And yes I do. Don't talk bad about him, because it wasn't all bad. But, you know, he f'd up... Melissa, I don't know about you, I'm not raising another family. Like I can't."

You can watch the full interview above.