As history proves, Wale doesn't really care for lists. So when the internet became enamored by a viral list of the 50 greatest rappers of all time, Wale decided to take it upon himself to tell you where he stands.

"I’m one of the greatest rappers of all time," Wale tweeted. "There I said it..."

When that list popped up on the internet, users decided to drop a more serious take on the 50 greatest rappers. Hot 97 radio personalities Ebro and Peter Rosenberg decided to add to the discussion, but Wale still didn't crack their top 50. 

Although Wale is merely playing along with the troll, all jokes contain some truth. Hip-hop fans flocked to the post with their opinions on Wale's music. This prompted Wale to highlight the responses to his tweet with shameless plugs for his extensive discography and new single, "On Chill."

Folarin also participated in some healthy fan engagement.

Wale's sense of humor did make himself and fans reflect on his accomplishments.

While some people (Jim Jones) may debate his influence on sneaker culture, streetwear, or other adjacent interests, the fact he's mentioned in those conversations can be a testament to his impact. And if you don't like his music, social media presence, or anything he likes, you have to acknowledge that the man is friends with Jerry Seinfeld and JAY-Z. If that's not enough to squeeze you into any top 50 list then what's the use of having friends?