Mystikal fell so badly during a concert in Tampa on Thursday that he had to be helped off stage.

The rapper took the stage around 1 a.m., and, within 30 seconds, tumbled to the venue floor, TMZ reports. Security helped him get up, but he wasn’t able to stand, sitting edge of the stage for 45 minutes, visibly suffering from his injury. A concertgoer told TMZ Mystikal was repeating, “Man, I need an ambulance.”

The concert was consequently short. The show officially ended when Mystikal's crew aided him in getting off stage so he didn’t have to put weight on his leg. It’s uncertain whether he went to the hospital.

The outlet reports that an eyewitness mentioned that a drink had fallen and splashed all over the stage before Mystikal’s performance.

The rapper recently spent almost two years in jail. In August 2017, he was indicted on first-degree rape and second-degree kidnapping charges, later pleading not guilty. In March, the 48-year-old was released from a Louisiana prison after being able to post the $3 million bond. TMZ reports Mystikal and his lawyer Joel Pearce are now looking to get his rape charge dropped.