Chicago's Tobi Lou, who is fresh off a performance at ComplexCon Chicago last month, has unleashed his new 21-song project, Live on Ice.

"I felt like my entire life I've been waiting for whatever moment this is," Lou said of the newly released record. "I'm finally having an awakening and seizing my moment by putting out my first real offering and saying, 'OK, I'm ready, judge me.'" Tracks like "Waterboy" make reference to everything from Superbad to famous Vines, showing Lou is just as great at putting on a fun time as he is enveloping his listeners in his stories. 

Featuring appearances from Erica René, Rockie Fresh, Facer, Vernon, Ryan Destiny, and LEJKEYS, Live on Ice is stacked with emerging talent. Lou takes on multiple personalities of himself, though, diversifying the experience through clever tone and pitch shifts.

Listen to Live on Ice in full above via Spotify.