Joe Budden wasn't too impressed with Swae Lee's most recent tracks.

During an episode of his eponymous podcast the week, Budden criticized Swae's "Won't Be Late" record featuring Drake, claiming it was unoriginal and way too similar to Swae's "Unforgettable" cut with French Montana.

"I cannot believe these n***as gave us an Afrobeat," Budden said about the Drizzy-assisted song. "[...] If there's two people that know that we don't any anymore Afrobeats from them, it's [Swae and Drake]."

Co-host Mal admitted that the song was predictable, but still good. Budden disagreed.

"Now people think that I'm just the contrarian guy," Budden said. "... It's not a good record. Are we in 2015? When did Drake's fuckin' Afrobeats record come out? ... This is pure laziness. This is laziness ... You've heard this song 90 times."

He continued: "When do we force the creatives to be creative, as consumers? ... I don't think this is a good beat. I don't think that these lyrics are good. I don't think this hook is good. I think he was relying on Drake to come save it, but he ain't like that shit neither, so he gave you that bullshit he gave you ... this is horrible."

Shortly after the episode aired, Swae took to Twitter to share a message about "small-minded" opinions; however, he didn't mention any names.

Budden responded to the obvious sub during Saturday's episode of his podcast, insisting he still liked Swae, but wasn't about to bite his tongue.

"We all like Swae Lee. So then shut the fuck up, Swae Lee," Budden said. "... We only don't love you when you ain't informed and then you start clappin' back at some n***as that's doing their fuckin' job, the way you doin' your job. I don't have to love every fuckin' Swae Lee song ... Hey, the record could work. It could be a huge hit, huge success, and some n***as could still not like it. That's OK. I'm so sick of this era of the sensitive artist. Shut the fuck up."

Swae refused to retreat. On Saturday, he posted a video in which he boasted about his accomplishments, promoted his upcoming album, and told Budden to stop disparaging in his work.

"... Don't speak negatively on my shit when you know I how hard I work, n***a. I don't even be sleepin' sometimes," he said. "... I ain't chasin' no sound. This is simply what it is: I make different styles of music ... I make a thousand songs a week. Stop pullin' y'all opinion out of your ass and thinkin' it's valid. Just 'cause you say something, that don't make it valid ... Don't involve my music in nothing you have goin' on, my n***a. Joe Budden, I'm talkin' to you. I see you. Yeah, that tweet was to you and all these other lame-ass n***as that wanna drop their two cents."

Check out his comments below.