Rick Ross has never been one to bite his tongue. So, when TMZ asked him to share his feelings on Dolphins' owner, Stephen Ross, Rozay gave a blunt, but honest, answer.

"I never cared about Stephen Ross," Renzel said.

Stephen Ross made headlines when he hosted a fundraiser for Donald Trump's re-election. This led to a wave of backlash with people boycotting Ross' popular SoulCycle and Equinox companies. Adding fuel to the fire was Dolphins wide receiver, Kenny Still, who implied that Ross was hypocritical for supporting Trump's message. 

"You can’t have a nonprofit with this mission statement then open your doors to Trump," Still said in a quote tweet containing the description of Ross' charity. Stills continued to double down on these comments throughout the week despite urged by coach Brian Flores to keep his criticism out of the public eye. 

Although he's a Miami Dolphins fan, Rick Ross agrees with Stills. In addition to expressing his disdain for Stephen Ross, Rozay explains that Ross neglects Miami's poor, minority communities. 

"You know, it's been rough with me and the Dolphins for years. But, Stephen Ross, he isn't surprising anybody," Ross stated. "No, black young kids in the community ever got invited to the football games. I'm a Dolphin because my [of] loyalty to the city. But, to the front office? Nah."

Renzel reiterated his comments when Andy Slater tried to defend Ross.