We've talked a lot about rising R&B talent Ayelle this year. The London-based singer has released six singles and a three-track EP this year, barely pausing for breath in between drops. And it's only August. Now she's back with yet another gem and she's tapped up R&B maestro and hit-maker BAYNK for production.

Accompanying the track, which officially dropped earlier today, is this video directed by Ayelle herself and Magdalena Wolk. Taking a much darker turn, "Psychopaths" tackles the well-trodden path of heartbreak, but there's a twist. As she explains below, the song was inspired by hit horror film Bird Box, and sees Ayelle draw comparisons between that and the fallout of a recent heartbreak

Speaking with Complex via email, Ayelle told us: "I started thinking about this concept after watching Bird Box on Netflix. The psychopaths were living in their ideal world and enjoying the pain to the fullest whilst normal people chose death over the pain of what they were seeing. When you feel that pain of a heart breaking it's hard not to wonder if that's maybe the case for some in real life."