Nobody wants to be on the wrong side of a threat from J. Prince, and it looks like some drug peddlers in Houston have done just that by stamping their pills with the Rap-A-Lot Records logo. 

Prince is as well known for his intimidating stature as his record label, and he's not letting these pressed pills slide. "All of my adulthood life I had to avoid being set up by law enforcement and the streets. I vowed with an oath to God in my early 20’s to never contribute to this aspect of the game anymore in my lifetime," he wrote on Instagram. "So, you can only imagine how I’m feeling about this violation that’s taking place in the streets of Houston with my brand @rapalotrecords on narcotic pills."

Prince questioned whether it was a set-up or if someone in Houston was dumb enough to steal his logo. "I need to know if the police or the streets are behind this, because it’s a violation. If you are caught making, selling or using narcotics with my branding illegally imprinted on them, you’re in violation and will have bigger problems than just the police," he said.

In the same manner as the call-out that got YBN Almighty Jay's chain back, Prince asked his connections to shake the bushes and let him know if they can find the source of the phony Rap-A-Lot pills.