A happenstance studio encounter with Lil Baby and Lil Duke ultimately resulted in "Mac 10," the new Trippie Redd track premiered by Zane Lowe Wednesday. 

"Lil Baby was sleeping on the couch, and Duke was up with me," Redd explained to Lowe during a Beats 1-aired chat Wednesday. "We was just smoking and vibing. And Wheezy came in the studio, and I asked him for a beat, he gave me the beat. And then I did the chorus. Duke got on it. And then I woke Baby's ass up."

Waking Baby up, Redd noted, took "damn near" half an hour but proved to be a fruitful task.

"He wasn't there all day," he said. "He had just arrived. He got off the flight to come to the studio."

Redd's new project !, by his current estimates, should be out by Aug. 9. Fans can expect features, as well as a strategic deluxe edition re-release.

"I got Playboi Carti," he said Wednesday. "A few other people . . . I'm gonna do a deluxe to the album, so there's going to be more. More content, like four or five more. I don't think you could call something a deluxe unless I got, like, six songs. Because it's like you gotta want to download that shit. Like, it's a deluxe album. I want you to get what you want. It's not a deluxe when you just [add] two songs."

For now, you can check out the "Mac 10" video above or stream it below via Apple Music.

Redd also has "a whole rock album" in the bag with blink-182's Travis Barker.

"Trippie is so talented," Barker told The Fader earlier this month. "He can really sing and he's so great with melody."