Post Malone and Young Thug return from the dead in Malone's latest video "Goodbyes."

Post shows that feelings never die by embodying a love-crazed zombie in a video that has a 1950s feel. Instead of chasing his frightened lover, Malone spends most of the video wandering through the small town hoping to find his soulmate. This leads him to a bar where Young Thug is serenading a crowd that happens to include Malone's romantic interest. While others flee at the sight of the undead Malone, she stays while Post sings directly to her.

Sunday saw the release of the PG version "Goodbyes." Friday's Rated-R version features a choreographed fight scene that features a violent knife fight between Post's crew and a rival gang. This was a literal take on the metaphorical struggle between love and mortality that Post touches on with the song's lyrics. 

"Me and Kurt feel the same," Post sings. "Too much pleasure is pain." 

Watch the PG version of "Goodbyes" above.