Lil Yachty and Yung Bans exchanged shots on social media. 

Lil Boat ended the weekend by taking it upon himself to point out the similarities between the cover art for Yung Bans' new album Misunderstood and that of his debut album Teenage Emotions.

"u my son stop tryin me bitch," Yachty tweeted. He then went on to respond to a fan by stating "Misunderstood is literally a imprint of teenage emotions...."

Like Teenage Emotions, Bans' cover features the artist in the center surrounded by an inclusive group of young adults. But instead of being in a movie theater, Bans is in a classroom with the word "misunderstood" written on the blackboard behind him. Although the similarities are evident, Yung Bans took an understandable exception to Yachty's claims. As a result, he fired back at Boat with a tweet of his own. 

"You a whole hoe and your music will never sound like mine," Bans said, to which Yachty simply replied: "Lol ok."

During their spat, DJ Akademiks pointed out that Teenage Emotions is an album about "growing up and being misunderstood." Judging from the title, this seems to be the same theme as Bans' upcoming project, adding fuel to Yachty's point. Prior to this, Bans and Yachty have worked on several collaborations.

Yung Bans' Misunderstood will be available on Friday, July 24. 

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