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GOOD Music artist Valee finally answers his fans' prayers by blessing them with a surprise project.

On Monday, the rapper sent out a cryptic tweet stating: "It's time." The unannounced Runnin' Rich EP came soon after.

Unlike his major label debut, GOOD Job, You Found Me, Runnin' Rich isn't a repurposing of prior singles; the EP contains seven new tracks. The rapper also brought in features from fellow Chicagoans G Herbo, King Louie, and Vic Mensa. He also reconnects with longtime producer ChaseTheMoney. Stream the EP below.

Runnin' Rich comes after Valee made headlines last week for dying his dog red. The colored pet is featured on the project's cover.

This sparked outrage from animal rights activists who claimed the rapper harmed the dog by dying its fur. Valee cracked a few jokes before informing his followers that he used an edible vegan dye that didn't contain harsh chemicals.