Fans of old school-inclined hip-hop trio Jungle Brown should be very happy today as the guys announce the release date of their next album, Full Circle, dropping September 27. Leading the charge as they build hype this summer is "Keep It Movin", a jazzy track with a calming vibe that should quickly call to mind the likes of A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul and so on.

The meandering sax that weaves its way through the boom-bap production comes from rising star of the UK jazz scene, Ayo Yung Afrika Pyoneer, and it sets the tone perfectly. Using that, the Jungle Brown boys lay out their fun-loving bars and chilled flows as they wander the sun-soaked streets of London without a care in the world.

Their debut album, Flight 314, is still celebrated by rap fans and if this opening salvo of the next one is anything to go by, they should have no problem repeating that success.