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The Notorious B.I.G.’s Brooklyn childhood home is now renting for $4,000 a month, the New York Post reports.

Located on the third floor of 226 St. James Place, the Clinton Hill apartment has now been transformed. The “one-room shack” with "no heat" that Biggie describes in his iconic hit “Juicy” has been renovated and is listed on as a three-bedroom home. 

“It’s a beautiful home and a fantastic neighborhood, filled with little shops and great transportation,” Compass broker Fabienne Lecole told the Post. “The apartment is iconic… a historical gem.”

The home still boasts the same historic details from when the rapper lived there, such as the same windows and moldings. In 2013, it was sold for $825,000 to the person who’s now renting it out. In addition to its three bedrooms, it also has a den and separate dining room, as well as hardwood floors and high ceilings.

“It’s so calm and residential now,” Lecole told the Post. “It’s hard to imagine it’s the same street that he sang about with all the drugs and gunfire. It couldn’t be more different.” Kathleen Perkins, a real estate broker, added, “The neighborhood is all hipsters and millennials, people in finance, and tech people."

Last month, Brooklyn officials announced that the intersection of Gates Avenue and Fulton Street would be renamed Christopher Wallace Way. This news arrived on May 21, on what would've been his 47th birthday. “[Gentrifiers]] want to erase the history, they want to put up new cafes and boutiques and push us out of our community,” City Councilwoman Laurie Cumbo said earlier this month when the Biggie tribute was unveiled. “That’s why this sign is important today — so that the history of this place is told to our children and our children’s children.”