Nipsey Hussle’s daughter Emani honored her father during her elementary school graduation this weekend.

In a short speech, the 10-year-old gave a shout-out to Nips, and her mother, Tanisha Foster. “I want to begin by sharing my thankfulness for my mom for believing in me, and my dad, for always being there for me,” Emani said.

Emani lives with Hussle's sister, Samantha Smith. The aunt took to her Instagram story to share a photo from graduation, of her with Emani and Kross, Emani’s 2-year-old half-brother, whose mother is Lauren London. “Baby girl growing up,” Smith wrote.

Since the rapper's death in March, Emani has been living with Smith, who has been spearheading the fight for legal guardianship. Hussle's family is arguing that Foster is unfit to parent the 10-year-old based on Foster's relationships with her two other children. 

According to TMZ, lawyers for Nipsey's family believe they can keep Emani out of Foster's custody by highlighting the hardships faced by Foster's 18-year-old daughter, who is currently in juvenile detention in L.A. for petty theft. Foster also has yet to claim her. The site also reported that Foster has a 17-year-old son who has been accused of truancy and has moved around between different homes.