LAPD sources have claimed that Fetty Wap is a battery suspect following an alleged incident earlier this week at a Hollywood Hills Airbnb.

TMZ claims that Fetty Wap and the woman in question met at a music video shoot Wednesday, after which Fetty is alleged to have invited her and several others to an Airbnb. Later, according to TMZ sources, the woman "went into a room with Fetty, and that's when things allegedly turned violent."

The report also includes a video clip allegedly shot while inside said room. In the clip, a woman can be heard claiming that Fetty "just put [his] hands on me," though no such action is seen in the video. Fetty then seemingly knocks the phone away after the woman after she's heard telling him "do it again, Fetty, do it again." The argument is alleged to have started over the other women Fetty also invited back to the Airbnb, with one of the accuser's friends being claimed as a witness.

Detectives are now reportedly trying to interview Fetty about the incident, though no additional information was made available.

Fetty's 2019 has seen the "Trap Queen" and "My Way" hit-crafter release a slew of new singles including "Trap God," "Hold On," and the recently dropped "Birthday." He also joined Just Chase for the collab "100k."

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