50 Cent has proven that he will stop at nothing to finish his opponent. Yet, it appears that his former G-Unit signee Young Buck is not willing to surrender as easily as his other foes. 

On Tuesday, Buck took to Instagram where he sent a shot 50's way. Under a screenshot of his new music video "Road Trip" Buck wrote: "Aye #Foffy or whatever tf yo name is , You forgot to take this one down... Hatin a$$ mtf you gotta pay for something to own it #OpenTheBooks."

Buck's post is in response to one of 50's pettiest moves to date. Earlier that day, 50 revealed to his followers that he has had one of Young Buck's music videos removed from YouTube.

"Check out Bucks New Video," 50 captioned a picture stating the video has been removed due to copyright claims. "Fofty I want my money Monday’s."

Like most of 50's associates, the rappers have had an on-again, off-again friendship. Yet, in February 2019, it seems like their connection had officially been severed when Buck requested to be released from his G-Unit contract. After doing so, Buck alleged that 50 had all of the rapper's music removed from iTunes and a cease and desist was sent to his distribution company from G-Unit Records.

"It's come to my knowledge that a cease a desist was sent out from G-Unit Records to a certain distribution label dealing with my music," Buck explained in a now-deleted Instagram video. "I think me and the fans wanna know. Am I an artist still on G-Unit Records? Cause if that's the case, don't you think I need to go ahead and complete whatever's on my contract?"

Until Tuesday, Buck's stories have been speculation. But these recent Instagram posts do reveal 50's shrewd business tactics to hinder Buck's career.