This week, conflicting reports created a cloud of confusion surrounding the upcoming Woodstock 50 festival, which was reportedly canceled. On Wednesday, the festival's promoter, Michael Lang, sat down for an interview with Variety where he shed light on the situation while promising that the event will continue as planned. 

On Monday, the festival's financial partner, Dentsu Aegis, withdrew from the event after reportedly spending $30 million. According to Dentsu's statement, the company felt that organizers did not have the ability to sustain the planned production. After Dentsu's announcement, several other agencies followed suit. However, Lang insists that none of these companies have the authority to halt the show. 

"Our legal team has put [Dentsu] on notice that they have no right to cancel and that we’re proceeding," Lang said, before assuring that despite more companies fleeing, none of the performers have pulled out. 

"No, the Black Keys pulled out because of their own scheduling, but no — nobody’s pulled out. Everybody’s been paid in full and from what I’ve been made aware of, they’re all pulling for this to happen," Lang explained. "All of the talent is routed to us for that weekend and most of them have obligations beyond that..."

While Lang claims to have things under control, shortly after his conversation with Variety, reps for the two talent agencies used to book Woodstock 50's headliners told Billboard that the artists will not be performing if the show does commence.

"We're not even going to have a discussion with Lang until we see that every permit needed for this event has been secured," one agency disclosed. "I'd also like to hear how he plans to convince fans to buy tickets for an event that's been already canceled."

Jay-Z, Dead & Company and the Killers were scheduled to headline the festival.