Norwegian electronic artist, producer and DJ Wolfgang Wee has unveiled the title-track of his upcoming EP, Heart Of Stone, featuring Holy Brune. Juxtaposed against the title of the song, the actual track is a warm and funk-filled affair with Holy Brune's airy vocals resonating comfortably over the soundscape created by Wolfgang's production. 

Speaking with Complex via email, Wolfgang told us: "The track started out with some simple feel-good chords and some basic drums, and had just that when I sent it around to a couple of vocalists I know. At the time, I was listening to a lot of French artist Dabeull, who had a song called "DX7" with some really beautiful and soulful vocals to it. So I checked out the vocalist, Holy Brune, (who I still haven't met in person!) and sent her a message on Facebook, asking her if she wanted to do a collab. Almost immediately, she sent over a verse and a chorus that really caught me on first listen.

"The rest of the top line seemed like a walk in the park for her. I can't recall whether I had any notes for her either, it was two or three recordings and boom! She had it done. Then I called up my two great go-to guys for guitar and bass, Markus Neby (Lemaitre) and Magnus Falkenberg (KAPPEKOFF), which gave the track a lot of additional life and an organic feel to it."