It seems like Lil Pump has been 18 forever, but nonetheless the rap star took time out of his day to let it be known that he's accomplished more in his short time on earth than most people will in their lifetime. 

On Tuesday, Lil Pump took to his Instagram story to hit his followers with a not-so-humble flex.

"Nobody has done what I've done at da age of 18," Pump wrote. "I've broke records on YouTube, platinum records. So suck my dick."

While this might be a hard way to receive this information, it is good to note that sometimes the truth hurts. Pump's breakthrough hit "Gucci Gang" was in all ways a commercial success. The 2017 smash record was certified platinum in January of 2018 and has gone on to generate 910 million views on YouTube. But, it was his track "I Love It" featuring Kanye West that did the most damage to the site. In September of 2018, it was reported that "I Love It" became the biggest debut for a hip-hop video in YouTube's history, pulling in 115 million-plus streams globally. Also, both his 2017 self-titled debut album and February's Harverd Dropout were top-10 Billboard albums.


This is not the first time Pump has flaunted his success. In March of 2018, he hopped on Instagram to show off his new Rolls-Royce. Yet instead of taking it for a spin, the rapper decided to put together the wildest flex possible by destroying the car while wearing $300K in jewelry.

Lil Pump's lifestyle has caught the attention of other celebrities. After being eliminated from the playoffs by a Kevin Durant-less Golden State team, James Harden decided to blow off some steam by flying to Miami and partying with Pump.