Jhené Aiko is back with new music.

https://t.co/KPSqHWmph9 #triggered (freestyle) pic.twitter.com/z7QkbBvqTu

— Chilombo (@JheneAiko) May 8, 2019

Watch the video for "Triggered (freestyle)" up top or stream that track down below.

#triggered (freestyle) available now on all streaming platforms 🌋 https://t.co/KPSqHWmph9 pic.twitter.com/IVwMJA3ONo

— Chilombo (@JheneAiko) May 8, 2019

Prior to dropping the track, Aiko took to social media to post a note. "One night I was so deep in my feelings, I was afraid of what I might do," Aiko wrote in the post. "I didn't want to revert to the same bad habits that have set me back time and time again. I realized that instead of running away from my emotions... I needed to sit with them, express myself and say whatever came to mind. It was healing to say the least... and now I feel a bit more free." 

#triggered pic.twitter.com/26SvrE6X74

— Chilombo (@JheneAiko) May 8, 2019

Following its release, Aiko shared more about the song saying it was "a moment that for me has passed. it is new to you because ur just now hearing it, but for me...  it's something i moved on from the moment i expressed it."

She also addressed speculation that she was taking aim with the record. "'Triggered' is NOT a diss song. It is a moment of talking shit out of frustration and passion. It's was a moment of exaggerated expression when I was feeling lost and weak," she wrote. "No one is to be blamed or bashed for how I was feeling in that moment. I am in control of my feelings."

Last month, Aiko took to IG to leave a comment on Big Sean's page expressing her love for the rapper. The pair previously dated. 

"You are so special. To me. To the world. While we're both still on this planet I just want to say... I love you beyond measure," the Trip artist wrote. "Even tho I get big mad and u trigger the fuck out of me. U make me feel. And I appreciate that. Because I thought I was dead inside. My ego has no say when it comes to you. And my heart has been broken a thousand times just to expand. It always finds room for you."

Wow, what Jhene had to say to Big Sean. That’s real. pic.twitter.com/Uo7S7ba4mZ

— . (@katiebandz_) April 13, 2019