Haiti Babii took a chance—and it paid off.

The West Coast rapper generated buzz this month with a wonderfully unique freestyle on L.A.’s Real 92.3. Over the course of two minutes, Haiti squealed, yelped, and whispered while delivering ad-libbed lines about his dragon-like demeanor. The off-the-wall performance immediately went viral, catching the attention of everyone from Meek Mill and Chance the Rapper to Swae Lee and Chrissy Teigen. 

"I checked the analytics and over 85 percent more people checked out my recent catalog of music," Haiti told Complex about the freestyle's impact. "I simply did what every human does in the bathroom or car when they’re alone and I used Real 92.3’s platform to showcase it. I made a goal to bring entertainment to reality.  I made everybody watch me like Pac says 'All Eyes on Me,' and every soul who watched me either smiled or laughed."

Haiti is looking to maintain that momentum. On Monday, the rapper returned with "Blue Dragon," a track that was derived from his viral freestyle. Haiti accompanied the release with an official video that nods to Eastern culture.

You can stream "Blue Dragon" now on major platforms, and check out its official video above.

"When bad things happened in my life the good was always knocking at the door, you just can’t be afraid to open that door," Haiti said. "And I knew that freestyle would encourage people to attempt the impossible and that this journey isn’t hard it’s about having fun with art. There are going to be a lot of critics, talkers, and few doers, very few."