Chris Brown drops off the video for his latest single "Wobble Up" featuring G-Eazy and Nicki Minaj.

The record has hit potential, and now has a visual to give it an extra boost. The vibrant color contrast throughout is reminiscent of the aesthetic created by the Pink Friday-era Nicki Minaj. Additionally, the content of the track and bounce makes Minaj a perfect fit for the song. As for G-Eazy, the Bay Area artist continues to find his footing on a bounce backdrop similar to the way he floated through London on da Track's latest single "Throw Fits." 

Chris Brown's dance-heavy video shows the song's carefree nature by adding several computer-generated tropical backdrops to the visual. "Wobble Up" will help set the stage for Brown and Minaj's upcoming joint tour, which is set to start this summer. 

Brown recently made headlines by way of a Justin Bieber defense. In an Instagram post, Bieber characterized Brown as Michael Jackson and 2Pac in one. The assessment received some heavy pushback due to Brown's history, though the Game later came through to agree with Bieber's comments. 

Earlier this month, TMZ reported that a woman traveled from Texas to Los Angeles to allegedly confront Brown about what she's convinced is a hex he put on her son. The visit ultimately prompted a call to Los Angeles police, who took the woman in for evaluation, while her son was placed into protective custody.