Billie Eilish is always opinionated, and she doesn't hold back in the latest episode of Noisey's Questionnaire of Life. During the episode she's asked what she thinks about everything from cereals to what superpower she would choose, but it's her thoughts on music that stick out the most.

Asked to pick between Childish Gambino, Eminem, or Drake, she confidently answered with Gambino. "I was scared of Eminem my whole life," she explained. "That dude freaked the fuck out of me. Oh my god. But you know, Childish Gambino created me dude. I don't even know, that's crazy, that's a god you can't even put him in a list of other people."

She's later asked to pick between Biggie, 2Pac, or JAY-Z. "Honestly Biggie," she responded. "I feel like 2Pac's vibe is cooler... Biggie's voice just feels like a big heavy warm blanket on you, which is probably what it feels like if he laid on top of you." Watch the full episode up top.

This is the second quiz Eilish has taken so far this month after an intense The Office-based quiz from Rainn Wilson. She previously sampled dialogue from an episode of The Office on her song "My Strang Addiction."