People around the world are still reeling from the loss of Nipsey Hussle. This led Big Sean to share some thoughts he's been sitting on since the rapper's death. 

On Monday, Sean used his Instagram TV channel to address Nipsey Hussle's killer and those who might share the suspect's mindset. "This has been something that's been on my mind since Nipsey's funeral. Well actually, since he died," Sean began. "What I wanted to say was, to the person who murdered Nipsey and people like're making a permanent solution to a temporary problem."

Sean went on to try to detail the importance of one singular life. He explains how killing someone doesn't just remove them from the earth, but it also impacts their posterity. "I don’t know if we know the value of a life. When you take somebody’s life, dog—you’re setting back they family. You setting a whole lineage back. Generations," Sean continued. "What I mean by that is, I know for a fact my grandma was working for my mom, and for me and my brother. I don't even have kids—I'm definitely already working for my kids and my kids' kids. When you take somebody’s life, you’re setting all that back. And for what? For something that could have been communicated better?"

By sharing these thoughts with his 11 million followers, Big Sean's goal is to eventually stop people from halting the societal progression with senseless violence. "I have noticed that in men, and in black men, we’re taught to communicate certain ways. We’re taught to be tough, we’re taught to stand tough and get your revenge and retaliate through violence and all that type of shit, right?" the rapper asked. "But you know, we gonna keep losing kings! Gonna keep losing Martin Luther Kings. Gonna keep losing Malcolm Xs. We gonna keep losing Nipsey Hussles. And for what?"


As known, Nipsey Hussle was more than an artist. Through his various businesses, Hussle employed people from his native Crenshaw neighborhood in hopes uplift the community. Yet, on March 31, Nipsey was murdered by a member of the community he loved. It is now being reported that Hussle's shooting was the second act of random violence that alleged murderer Eric Holder committed that day. According to sources, Holder pistol-whipped his neighbor just an hour before allegedly shooting Hussle.