The worst thing for a criminal to do is to commit an illegal act and brag about it on social media. While this seems pretty self-explanatory, far too often people prove that common sense is not that common. For this incident, a crew of thieves took dry snitching to the next level by bragging about robbing Soulja Boy's house via Soulja Boy's Instagram Live. 

After it was reported that the rapper was locked up for a parole violation, a few burglars figured this was the perfect opportunity to break into Soulja Boy's Agoura Hills home. They were able to successfully enter the residence and take over $700,000 in jewelry, money, and other personal items. When a caretaker returned to check on the house, they noticed it had been burglarized and promptly notified authorities.

The manhunt ended almost as soon as it began due to the fact the suspects used Soulja's social media to post a live video of themselves and their spoils. If this real-time self-incrimination wasn't enough to prove that clout is worse than crack, it appears that the whole robbery was an attempt to jump-start their music careers. Before outing themselves on IG, the suspects reportedly sent messages to several of Soulja Boy's celebrity followers claiming to be the rapper's new signees, asking for guest verses and music video re-posts.