6ix9ine's pile of legal issues won't stop growing. 

According to TMZ, Danish rapper Sleiman is suing 6ix9ine over an unreleased track that was recorded in 2018, months before the Dummy Boy artist was incarcerated on racketeering charges. The plaintiff says 6ix9ine agreed to collaborate on a record called "Red Bandnna [sic]/Black Hoodie." Sleiman claims he shelled out nearly $100,000 for the feature, and that 6ix9ine gave him the rights to the song. 

Once the track was completed, Sleiman reportedly tried to get it released; however, his efforts were immediately squashed by 6ix9ine's label. Sleiman claims 10k Projects has prohibited the track from seeing the light of day. According to the lawsuit, representatives for 10k Projects told Sleiman they "had exclusive rights to Tekashi, so the track couldn't be released without its permission." Furthermore, the label allegedly threatened to take legal action if the plaintiff dropped the song online. 

Sleiman argues 10k Projects has hindered his chances of securing a record deal. Not only is he asking a judge to declare him the owner of the track, he is also seeking to get his nearly $100,000 returned "for his troubles."

Stay tuned as more details about the case become available. 

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