For his latest CrasH Talk interview, Schoolboy Q sat down with Ebro Darden for a Beats 1 conversation spanning the early days of Top Dawg Entertainment to his feelings regarding the way select outlets have covered the death of Nipsey Hussle.

"I get mad people telling me 'You need to leave TD, they don't do you right,'" Q told Darden around the 1:30 mark in the video above. "It's like, dude. Chill. I built TD, fool. What're you talking about?"

Later, Darden brought up what he believes is a current absence of hip-hop journalism, leading to a larger discussion on the types of stories getting coverage. 

"Like The Source, and then they post that video of Nipsey dead, like fuck The Source forever," Q told Darden about four minutes into the interview. "They posted a video of Nipsey getting killed and I hope everybody hears this. Fuck The Source. How you do that to us? You wanna listen to our music, you wanna report about us, but you wanna post some shit like this? Like, come on, bruh. That's not fair. And then y'all want us to be showing love and shit like, man, that's silly. Like, fuck them dawg and any rapper that fucks with them, any person that fucks with them, fuck you too. I don't give a fuck what rapper it is. You fucking do an interview with them after that, anything, fuck you. You're a bitch."

From there, Darden asked Q for his thoughts on the "generational culture aspect of L.A .gangs" and briefly discussed Mac Miller. "He was always an honorary, like, TD member," Q said. See the full interview above.

CrasH Talk, which features special messages to Mac and Nipsey in the liner notes, is out now.