Nick Cannon has offered to step in and help finish a documentary on Dr. Sebi that Nipsey Hussle was working on prior to his death.

After sharing a tribute message honoring Hussle, who was fatally shot in Los Angeles Sunday afternoon, Cannon posted a series of Sebi clips saying he had "unfinished king business" to attend to. "And the Lord said, 'Job well done my son,'" Cannon said when sharing a photo of himself and Hussle. "King this is how I want to remember you! Laughing! Smiling!"

From there, Cannon said he would now be "picking up the baton" and taking on Hussle's work.

Cannon later urged taking "responsibility for our own" when sharing a third Dr. Sebi clip.

Alfredo Bowman, a.k.a. the controversial herbalist "Dr. Sebi" who died in 2016, was the subject of a documentary that was said to still be in the works when Hussle was shot and killed outside his Marathon Clothing shop.

Hussle addressed his plans for the film in a 2018 Breakfast Club interview. "I'm working on doing a documentary on the trial in 1985 when Dr. Sebi went to trial against New York because he put in the newspaper that he cured AIDS," Hussle said at the time. "He beat the case and he went to federal court the next day and beat that case, on record, and nobody talks about it."

Hussle's death was mourned with a gathering of fans near the Marathon Clothing shop in Los Angeles into Sunday evening. At one point during the night, YG paid a visit. Hussle and Roc Nation were originally scheduled to meet with LAPD officials Monday for a planned discussion on gang violence. That meeting will reportedly move forward, with TMZ reporting that someone from Roc Nation will be in attendance on Hussle's behalf.