Having grown up in Coventry and then Jamaica in his teens, rising rapper Mugun is better positioned than most to enjoy a long and fruitful career. His love of music, he says, started early but blossomed in the Caribbean where he spent most of his youth in recording studios, studying the craft and learning from veterans. That respect for what came before shines through in a big way on his latest single "Fast Car". Coming with a grainy, lo-fi video treatment, "Fast Car" builds itself on a foundation of dreamy R&B melodies and sturdy hip-hop beats, giving Mugun the perfect platform to deliver his laid back, seductive bars to the girl of his dreams. 

Mugun told Complex via email that the "'Fast Car' video is a merge of music right now and music from the past that I'm passionate about. The video is inspired by a lot of the older R&B stuff we used to see on TV. It's a chilled, lo-fi track for the mellow hearted."

With a handful of rock-solid singles under his belt, 2019 seems like the perfect time to hear what he can do on a longer format. Take a ride with Mugun up above.