The end of any relationship is an unpleasant time as both parties come to terms with a new chapter of the lives on their own — and that goes double for the end of a toxic relationship. "Bad Bird", the latest single from Swedish R&B duo Lennixx (aka Hanna and Andrea), tackles this very subject. Mixing souful minimalism with big pop moments, "Bad Bird" conveys the empowering feeling of casting aside someone who's dragging you down with an infectious hook and plenty of quotable lines. 

Speaking with Complex via email, Lennixx told us: "'Bad Bird' is about a toxic relationship that has come to an end, when the person in question tries to ruin things for you, because they are overwhelmed by bitterness. Instead of dealing with it in a healthy way, they just try to turn everyone against you and make up dishonest rumours and talk badly about you. In the song, we reply with 'I have my real friends who will always have my back, and I couldn't care less what you have to say about me.'"

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