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Michael Rapaport has no shortage of rap takes, and he's given another on Kodak Black comparing himself to 2Pac and Biggie.

"You're not a dope rapper. You have no skill set. You have no flow. You have no vernacular," Rapaport said in an Instagram video. "Without the face tats, the wild hairdo, and the short stint in prison, you'd be working at UPS.... Comparing yourself to those dudes is a guy playing basketball in his backyard shooting air balls comparing himself to an NBA player. You're not even a top 10 mumble rapper."

Rapaport's comments come a day after Kodak evoked the hip-hop legends.

"People tryna say, oh, I can't put myself in the category with 2Pac and them," Kodak said during an Instagram Live session. "Actually, I'm better than them n***as. You know why? Like, 'cause, I live what I rap about. Them n***as was just like—them n***as was just legends 'cause they died."

Rapaport's most recent critique of note was aimed at Meek Mill. He dismissed him as a "trash" rapper," which led to Meek questioning his authority and pointing out that Rapaport wanted a selfie. Rapaport walked back his comments, saying he should "not have used that word."