Trey Songz was up early this morning willing and ready to prove how he got the moniker the "Panty Droppa." Not only did Songz express his affection for hip-hop's Hot Girl Megan Thee Stallion, but he did so via a shot that only Trigga could shoot.

In a tweet where the singer didn't even bother with mentioning Megan's handle, Trey Songz let it be known that he's the one artist who could court the Houston-native. 

Because Trey has long been one of music's biggest sex symbols and with Megan Thee Stallion quickly becoming the feminine equivalent, this tweet created a social media frenzy. While some of Megan's hotties began to question whether Trey was still intimate with Lori Harvey, others either promoted the possible connection or protected Thee Stallion at all cost. 

The disturbance in the hotties' force awoke Thee Stallion from her slumber. After gathering the cause of the commotion, Megan fired back at Songz with a semi-cryptic tweet.

Now, this could either mean she's interested and trying to see what Trey's willing to do to secure her attention or she's not intrigued by his advances. Either way, what's important is that the lyrics of her sex-positive single "Big Ol Freak" moved Trigga.


#Wayment, what you trying to see #Trey?? 👀👀 #MegTheeStallion (See earlier post)

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