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In the midst of Cash Money Records plotting on how they were going to take over the '99 and the 2000s, a bubbling Lil Wayne was waiting in ranks hoping to follow Juvenile into stardom. Yet before Baby and Slim realized that Weezy was their secret weapon, Wayne sharpened his writing skills. Now, one of Tunechi's old rhyme books from this era has hit the market with a steep going price.

According to TMZ, a 1999 notebook containing the lyrics written by a then 17-year-old Lil Wayne can be purchased for close to $250,000. The book is part of a rare collection of Cash Money memorabilia that his being sold through the Moments in Time authentication company. 

Not only is this a rare composition of bars from a rapper who famously quit writing in 2003, but the story accompanied with the piece also adds to its value. It is said that the owner found the book after a dealership he worked for tasked him with cleaning a car that was purchased from Cash Money Records. He then took possession of the notebook and other items, storing them in a box in his garage for safe keeping.

However, in the available pictures, one can see that the items have some water damage. This is because Hurricane Katrina nearly destroyed them. The owner claims that when he returned to his house after the storm almost everything was destroyed except for the notebook and a few other items. Also, the book contains Wayne's contributions to popular Hot Boys songs like "We On Fire" and "I Feel It."