It's hard to believe that No Jumper has never done a proper interview with Lil Pump given how synonymous the platform is with South Florida and the Soundcloud wave. Pump is undoubtedly the most successful rapper to come out of the loosely connected group of incredibly young, brash rappers who found their footing on the democratic audio platform, but the group's biggest booster has never managed to sit down with the Harverd Dropout rapper. 

That changed this week with a new interview from the influential video channel. After following Pump around his multi-million dollar mansion full of hot couches, they sat down to discuss his career, the fire outside his Calabasas home and whom he would like to work with.

When the interviewer noted that Pump has managed to work with his idols and favorite contemporary rappers like Gucci Mane and Kodak Black, Pump revealed that he's not close to done collaborating with big names. He made it clear that he's looking to land a pop hit by sharing a list of top-tier collaborators who he has in his sights for future tracks. 

"I wanna do a song with Bruno Mars. I really wanna do with Bruno Mars. I wanna do a song with Macklemore. I really wanna do a song with him. Bro's shit fire," he said. "Oh, and Lady Gaga!" 

The host asked Lil Pump, who is known to switch up his look regularly, what he does with his old clothes. He said that he donates them to the homeless, which led the interviewer to ask "What's a homeless person going to do with a $5000 sweater?"

"Drip," Lil Pump joked. 

Pump explained that he has to battle his own urges to party as hard as possible in order to meet the demands of being a major-label rap star.

"Doing hella drugs, making music, having fun. But what kind of took the fun away is when the label makes you want to put out projects and shit," he said. "I ain't going to talk about it much, but once I drop this, I'm a free agent." 

He backed that "more money, same attitude" vibe up by sharing the story of why Harverd Dropout was delayed. Pump explained that he dropped the hard drive in a hot tub in Calabasas and lost all of the work he had made up to that point. 

Pump, who famously finessed his way out of a record deal, also shared a bit of advice with any young rappers who might be coming up in his wake. He told other rappers to never meet with any industry types without a lawyer and repeatedly emphasized that rappers shouldn't sign their publishing rights away. 

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