Amid all the turmoil surrounding the Kardashian family since reports first surfaced of Tristan Thompson cheating on his now ex-girlfriend, Khloé with her sister Kylie's best friend Jordyn Woods, the self-anointed "godfather" of the family has yet to say his peace. 

Kim's husband Kanye West is on Khloé’s side, and completely willing to never speak with Tristan and Jordyn ever again over this scandal. "Kanye thinks of himself as the godfather in this family, and he has the mindset that if anyone messes with one of them, they mess with them all. So right now, Tristan and Jordyn are on his list," a source told People. "If he never talks to them again, it’s fine by him. He wasn’t close to them in the first place."

"He's protective of the Kardashian women, all of them, and if anyone hurts them, he will always be their biggest advocate," the source adds. The typically outspoken Mr. West has been unusually quiet throughout this entire ordeal. Maybe 'Ye is saving his response for the next Twitter tirade or his long-awaited upcoming album Yandhi.

In the meantime, his wife Kim has been busy, defending Khloé against a Twitter troll who criticized her for appearing in public shortly after the cheating allegations broke, and sticking by her sister's side as she goes through this very public situation.

"She’s there for Khloé, letting her vent and talk about it," an insider informed People. "They’ve been in constant contact, and Kim is totally supportive. Guys may come and go, but the bond between the girls is never going away, and they’re committed to supporting each other."