A filmmaker is reportedly suing Dame Dash over slanderous comments he made on social media. 

According to The Blastfilmmaker and director Josh Webber is reportedly suing the Roc-A-Fella co-founder for $7 million and partially arrived at that amount based off of Dash's number of social media followers. Court documents detail that Webber is alleging Dash's following illustrates the defamation damages the plaintiff believes he is owed. As Dash has 535,000 Instagram followers, in addition to 30,000 YouTube subscribers, the number reflects $1 per member of Dash's online audience. Webber further claimed that he lost a $6 million investment, and the unnamed partner explicitly cited Dash's comments as reasons for pulling out of the contract.

Josh Webber and his production company Muddy Water Pictures sued Dash earlier this year for claiming that he was partially responsible for the film Dear Frank. Dame was set to direct the movie, however he was reportedly fired by Webber after he was accused of being high on set. The director then alleged that Dash was sending promotional material for a film called The List, which was the original title of Dear Frank, as if he was still working on the film. 

The Roc-A-Fella co-founder took to Instagram to lay his claim over his alleged film in a now-deleted post. "I was going to deal with this later but I guess I’ll have to deal with it now…this is the movie the list #thelist that I directed and produced about a year ago… @muddfilms is pretending he owns this film and @joshawebber (pure culture vulture) is pretending he directed this movie," Dame wrote.

"I’m letting you know now we will be legally dealing with this and any one that touches this film before this is handled will be exposed legally as well… and I know @officialcshort @claudiajordan @brianjwhite @torreihart would never ever check for anything but the truth and only the truth cause it looks like you all are gonna have to tell it… #staytuned."

Webber then promptly clapped back, detailing the context surrounding Dash's firing. "Dame has no idea what directing a movie actually is or takes and was constantly yelling at crew members/cast, berating people on set, smoking weed and basically sleeping at the wheel," the director wrote on Instagram. Both Dash and Webber dragged the film's stars—Brian J. White, Claudia Jordan, and Columbus Short—into their public back-and-forth.


I wasn’t gonna speak on this bum but fuck him and his lies.. I won’t sit back and let this guy try to slander or bully me any longer. Truth is @duskopoppington is not a true independent artist or business man like he tries to pretend to be.. He was HIRED by @muddfilms to “Direct” the film #thelist originally as a “celebrity” Director. I was the producer of the film and asked to ensure that it actually got made by ghost directing certain aspects. Dame has no idea what directing a movie actually is or takes and was constantly yelling at crew members/cast, berating people on set, smoking weed and basically sleeping at the wheel. 🤒 Then while in the process of finishing the film, Dame was being a hot head with the studio executive producer/financier stepping out of line and finally got FIRED!! 🤡 ⌛️ I was approached to finish the job by directing the movie to completion and attached my company to help in its formal release. Really simple to understand. Everyone involved knows the truth especially our core cast @brianjwhite @claudiajordan @officialcshort #honorablepeoplesticktogether. This happened a long time ago already. He just mad because we about to put it out finally and had him cut out the movie entirely like the sucker he is. Dame is only sour because he put himself in a position to lose like he has done so many times in previous business’s. 🎙 He is only mad at himself for being an idiot and looking for someone to blame so he screams “Culture Vulture” Grow up! Don’t try and make this a race thing! #keepitmovingdummy #nobodycares #youmadbro @funkflex said it best #damedashisaliar and is the true #culturevulture, look up his history.. 👊🏼 @xxl @bet @vanlathan @tmz @entertainmenttonight @enews #damedash #ceobeef

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