While millennials were checking their pulses during Facebook and Instagram's partial crash on Wednesday, Cardi B AKA "Evil Genius Bardi" was using the outage as an opportunity to fill the void and have a laugh.

On March 13, Facebook announced that the company's family of apps were experiencing technical difficulties, and while users could still access the platforms, key features such as messaging and profile grids were not functioning properly. Given the outage affected accounts operating all over the world, the reactions were widespread. Rather than grumbling over the lost screen time, Cardi decided to troll her fans a bit on Twitter by announcing that she had dropped a "big surprise" on IG. 

"HEY GUYS I JUST DROPPED A BIG SURPRISE ON INSTAGRAM GO CHECK IT OUT," the Invasion of Privacy rapper tweeted. When fans naturally scrambled over to her Instagram to get a glimpse at her new project, her grid wouldn't load amid the crash. The reactions were just what you'd expect—legions of distressed fans reminding the rapper that they couldn't see her latest surprise. 

Just three minutes later, Cardi took to Twitter once again to reveal that she had tricked her loyal supporters. "Just kidding muahahahahahaha EVIL GENIUS BARDI," the rapper tweeted with purple devil emojis. 

Cardi wasn't the only artist to use the Instagram crash as a means of entertainment. Soulja Boy took the outage to promote his own brand, redirecting the social hungry youth to the Soulja Boy app. "Facebook???? Instagram???? Atleast the Soulja App isn’t down," the rapper tweeted. 

Despite it being the app being written in the loathed chalkboard font, it does provide users with classic social media features such as chat rooms and video channels. The "Crank That" artist even posted screenshots of users complaining about the outage on his platform, so props to his marketing efforts. 

Instagram announced Thursday that the app was up and running following their longest crash to date, according to CNN. Although the addiction to the Facebook family is overwhelmingly real, at least Soulja Boy managed to contain users' collective void.