There’s no denying that Vic August had a huge 2018, with songs like the Figuero Jones assisted “Bandit” and the Ebro co-signed “Withdrawals”. But on his new EP Truths, August is making his biggest splash yet.

Truths is a culmination of the potential Vic has shown us this far, as well as a distinct evolution in his craft. Mixing elements of pop, trap, r&b and hip-hop, the EP is jam-packed full of introspective lyrics, ear-catching melodies and booming, bellowing beats. It's Vic at his rawest emotionally, but also his most focused when it comes to crafting catchy hooks and verses that would impress even the oldest of heads. If Truths proves anything, it’s that you can’t put Vic August in a box when he's in his bag. 

Stream Truths above, and make sure to keep a close eye on the ascension of Vic August. 

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